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What Makes for Happy Animals

Talk to us about what your pets need, and what you need to feel comfortable that they are receiving the quality of care that you expect. Because our services are tailored to your specifications and your household’s routine, there is not a set price list, but you can refer to the fees section for some general guidelines.

PUPPY VISITS (for puppies up to 6 months old) and ELDERLY DOG CARE VISITS

Everyone loves puppies, but they do require extra care and attention! It is recommended that puppies get a potty break every couple of hours that they are months old; for example, a 3 month old puppy should have a break every three hours. We will work with you to create a potty break schedule that includes plenty of socialization, play time and any necessary cleanup. If your puppy isn’t quite ready to be treated as an adult at 6 months, that is fine and we can accommodate!

Older dogs, and dogs recovering from surgeries or injuries, may also need more frequent potty breaks. Talk to us about a schedule for your wise old friend to include time in the sun and fresh air, attention, slow and easy walks, medication and clean up as needed.

MIDDAY VISITS AND DOG WALKS (Monday through Friday)

Long commutes are common in this area, as are long workdays, traffic jams, plane delays, and last-minute meetings. If you are seeking a way to make sure your pet gets out in the middle of the day, we can set up a regular schedule of midday breaks and assign a primary walker to take care of most of these regular visits so that your pup can build a relationship with his/her walker. People who work from home also find midday walks useful for tiring out their pets while they are on teleconferences or working on projects. We’ll take your dog for a walk and/or play in the yard; feed if needed, give treats and attention, and freshen water. This way you’ll know you don’t have to rush home or worry that your four-legged friend has been holding it for too long! We understand that work schedules change frequently and make it easy for you to cancel or change regularly scheduled visits.


Available for our regular midday visit clients, a weekly yard clean up can help you enjoy your yard when you are home and not worry about stepping in any untoward piles! Using your poop scooper and bags, we can tack on a yard clean up to a regular midday visit and give you a little time back on your calendar.


Don’t need a regular schedule of midday dog walks, but do need a go-to person to help take care of your pups while you run errands, take day trips, or otherwise enjoy the weekends? We can set you up in our system so that you are able to quickly and easily request walks as needed with as little as 24 hours notice.


Our horse-experienced sitters can provide care for your at-home horses while you are out of town or away for a long work day. We will bring in, turn out, feed grain and supplements, change blankets/sheets/fly masks as needed, top off water and hay, check for injuries and make sure shoes are still on. We can also clean stalls, take care of simple wounds and basic injuries as instructed by you, and give oral medications as instructed by you or your vet. We can also take care of chickens, geese, and some other farm animals. Of course, our horse people are also fabulous dog and barn cat people!



Whether they are in a cat-only household, or part of a multi-species home, we know our cats are not dogs. Our sitters have experience getting the scared cat out from under the sofa, giving medications, cleaning litter pans, cleaning up hair balls, and enticing the skeptical cat to play or even sit on our laps! We can offer quick visits for shy cats and longer visits for cats that want and enjoy some extra play and social time.


Travel for work or pleasure is stressful when you are leaving your pets behind! We can take that worry away by providing quality care while you are gone, giving your pets the kind of attention that you would and ensuring that you get regular updates about them. Contact us to discuss your vacation care needs and we can design a visit schedule, that could include overnight stays (see below) if you choose, that accommodates your pets’ needs and your concerns. Typically, dogs need a minimum of 3 visits a day or an overnight stay and one midday visit; cats need a minimum of one visit a day or an overnight stay; and horses get a minimum of two visits a day. While you are traveling, we can also bring in mail, packages and newspapers, rotate lights, take out garbage, alarm your security system, water house plants, and other tasks that would ensure you return to a clean and well-cared for home.


Some pets who need a bit more attention can benefit from having someone stay with them overnight – older dogs or puppies that can’t hold it for up to 12 hours, pets that need medications or are recovering from surgery or injury, or anxious animals that prefer people around to keep them company. Our overnight stays run for a minimum of 12 hours (typically 7pm to 7am) and include dinner, breakfast, walks and/or playing in the yard, cuddle time, play time, and someone for your pet to cuddle up to in bed.


If you are going to be traveling for an extended period, house sitting may be a good solution. With house sitting, the pet sitter makes your home their “home base” for the length of the trip. Over each 24-hour period, the sitter stays overnight and provides the equivalent of 4 visits/day during the day, whether they stay at the house and hang out, or if they leave to do other walks or run errands. Your pets enjoy a schedule similar to what they would while you are home, making this a good option for younger and older pets, homes with multiple pets, and special needs pets.


Available on a very limited basis, a few of our sitters will host your dog(s) at their home. Your dog will stay at their house while they go about their regular day, and will have potty breaks and go for walks, while enjoying company and a structured home life. Some sitters have their own dogs or cats, so in order to take advantage of this option, your dogs must be well socialized with other dogs or cats, be current on all vaccines including Bordatella (kennel cough), be up to date with flea/tick treatments, be completely house trained, and not have destructive tendencies. Many dogs and their parents love this option!


If your pet has special needs, whether temporary (surgery recovery, injuries or illness) or chronic (blind, deaf, trouble walking, anxiety), please discuss with us. Some of our sitters have great experience caring for senior pets or ill pets and can offer an additional level of care if needed.

Payments & Invoicing

Payments via checks or automated Bill Pay through your bank are preferred. You may also pay via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal. Credit cards are only accepted through PayPal.

Upon booking your services, you will receive a confirmation of your services that will include pricing. We will bill for regularly scheduled services every other week. Invoices for vacation visits or services scheduled as needed are sent immediately upon completion of the services. All invoices are due upon receipt. There will be a service charge added to invoices unpaid after 30 days.


Cash gratuities for your walkers or pet sitters may be left for your regular sitter, or you may request to have a gratuity added to an invoice. All tips go directly to the walker or sitter.


Fees are based on each customer’s needs and take into account:

  • Length of visit – our appointments range from 15 minutes to an hour
  • Type of and number of pets
  • Type of care needed
  • Holiday fees are applied for high demand holidays:  Labor Day or Memorial Day weekends (Sat-Mon), Easter Sunday, July 4th, and Friday – Sunday after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year’s holiday (Dec 31–Jan 1)
  • Schedule and frequency of care needed
  • Time of day of visits (very early or very late visits will cost a bit more)
  • Sometimes we will provide services outside of our normal service area for a slightly higher rate

Generally, our minimum visit is $20 for a quick 15 minute visit (i.e., a late night potty break or a quick visit to a shy cat). The average 30 minute visit is $30. Discounts are available for regularly scheduled midday visits (at least 3 visits/week for a minimum of 8 weeks). An overnight starts at $80. Contact us for pricing for your particular schedule and pets.

Cancellation Fees

We know that schedules change and things happen  and we strive to provide a reasonable cancellation policy.

Cancellations for regularly scheduled daily walks/visits:

  • Cancellation received before 8 am the day of the service: no charge
  • Cancellation received after 8 am the day of the service: full price for the service

Cancellations for vacation visits or ad hoc scheduled services:

  • Cancellation received 2 weeks prior to first visit: no charge
  • Cancellation received within 1 week to 48 hours of first visit: Full price of first 24 hours of original vacation or service schedule
  • Cancellation received less than 48 hours of first visit: full price of the first 48 hours of original vacation or service schedule



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