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Our Management Team


Lysa and Paul Clemens, Owners

With their fur family of four dogs, four house cats, three barn cats, and two horses, Lysa and Paul are committed pet parents. For almost 10 years, Lysa and Paul owned a large horse boarding facility in Middleburg while they were both working as corporate executives. During that time, they were constantly seeking out dependable and genuinely caring help to take care of their furry clan and provide backup care for the horses while they were working and traveling. After deciding to escape from corporate America, they knew they wanted to focus on filling a need for busy pet parents to have peace of mind knowing that their animals are happy and well taken care of when they can’t be at home. They entered the pet care business in 2016 with the purchases of two well established and respected companies (Walking Wetnoses in Leesburg, and Hoofs & Woofs Pet Sitting in Middleburg) to form The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company.


Sharon Blank, Office and Scheduling Manager

Dogs, cats and horses have always been an important part of Sharon’s life.  When she left the United Kingdom in the early 1990’s for government positions in Canada then the US, her horse followed her. Finding top level care for her horse during that time was challenging, so having decided to remain in the US, Sharon started boarding horses for other people along with running her own small pet-sitting business.  She continues to board horses in rural Loudoun where she resides with her husband and their two rescue dogs. Having previously worked for Lysa and Paul, Sharon was excited to join The Loudoun Pet Sitting Co. in early 2017.

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