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The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company provides busy pet owners in and near Western Loudoun County, Virginia with experienced and professional pet sitting services, ranging from daily dog walks to long term vacation care for your dogs, cats, horses, chickens, bunnies, and other family and farm pets. We specialize in giving superior custom care to pets, whether for a day or an extended period. We know that our animals are a part of our families, and we are dedicated to providing excellent service for the peace of mind of pet parents.

Formerly known as Walking Wetnoses in Leesburg (since 2010), and Hoofs & Woofs in Middleburg (since 2007), The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company merges these two exceptional and highly trusted services. Our focus is on maintaining the safety and happiness of your pets in a compassionate and patient manner, while paying close attention to detail.

Managed by Lysa and Paul Clemens, and Sharon Blank, The Loudoun Pet Sitting Co. goes the extra mile for our two and four-legged clients:

Backup sitters means your visit always happens

Our experienced team means that we are able to provide a backup sitter in case the assigned sitter is delayed on a prior pet care visit with a sick pet, gets a flat tire, or if they themselves are out sick and need a day or two off. We coordinate the backup care to ensure your pet gets the care you expect, and if your pet needs to meet new sitters ahead of time, we will arrange for an introduction before a backup is needed.

Experienced managers step in when needed

Lysa, Paul and Sharon are all themselves experienced horse and animal caregivers, and will assist sitters in case of emergencies or in unusual situations. Always a text or call away, they can provide advice, meet the sitter on the job if an extra pair of hands or eyes is needed, and ensure the owners are notified of any issues. Our sitters and clients appreciate the extra and knowledgeable layer of support that this team provides.

Proactive attention to details

Our sitters and managers get to know you and your pets’ routine, and notice if things are out of the ordinary. Is Fido feeling less energetic than usual? We will let you know. Accident in the house? We will clean it up as best as possible. Running low on grain or dog food over an extended vacation? We will pick up more. Fence board down? We will tack it back up.

Experienced team of pet sitters

As the heart of our business, all members of our pet service team are experienced pet owners and care providers. Our equine caregivers have horse and farm experience, and many are current or former horse owners and riders themselves. Each team member is bonded and insured, and has passed a national criminal background check. It is in our and your pet’s best interest to provide a trustworthy caregiver, so we offer flexible schedules and competitive pay to attract and retain the most qualified, reliable, and stable team of walkers and sitters.

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Co. is licensed in Loudoun County, based in Purcellville, VA, and is insured and bonded by Kennel Pro Insurance.



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